Hello Food Finders,

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite things. Terranova pizza dough is by far my favorite dough. It produces delicious, crispy, crunchy, chewy and non-greasy crust to any pizza combos you can think up. The texture is always just right, and easy to work or roll out. Whether you are making your pies in the oven or flatbreads on the grill, this dough delivers. Don’t take my word on it, grab some dough and make some pizzas.

Fresh Mozzarella and Garden Basil


Fig with Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, & Truffle Oil


Eggplant Parm!


Take a look at some of my examples, and try some of your own topping combos and let me know how it goes! You can find Terranova pizza dough at their retail store in the Bronx or at Whole Foods in White Plains. Go get some today !


Visit their website for more information.



Food Finders, Tackle chestnuts quickly, easily and injury free!


I have a great kitchen gadget for you just in time for your holiday season! Let me introduce you to the Chestnutter. This little marvel will make scoring your chestnuts a breeze. The design is simple, easy to use, and most importantly it keeps your hands and fingers away from pointy knives.


I have the fondest memories of my grandfather finding the sharpest, pointiest, and scariest looking knives in his house and sitting at my kitchen table and pressing the knife into both sides of the chestnuts and carving x shapes into the shell and flesh. It was very effective for him especially since was the method his father taught him decades before.

Part of the lesson that my grandfather taught my father, and my father taught me, was that you only get better with practice and some battle wounds. I’m too late to spare myself the cuts, but that doesn’t mean I can spare my kids.

 Directions are pretty simple. Place chestnut in the scoop of the Chestnutter. Press the handles until you have scored the shell. Lift the shorty handle and keep the long handle depressed. Now lift the short handle and repeat on the other side.


Chestnuts are scored. Salt to taste and roast for 15-20 minutes. Roasting times vary, so grab one out of your oven early and give it a taste test!

Get your today!


Watermelon Slicer and Server

IMG_4316 [17876]

Summer is upon is and how better to get into the summer spirit than by slicing up some sweet and refreshing watermelon. I have a gadget that will make your slicing and serving quick and mess free.

Let me introduce you to I Genietti Angurello. “Anguria” means watermelon in Italian so this appropriately named stainless steel gadget cuts even watermelon slices and works like a tong as well so that you may serve right off the rind. All the messy juices stay in the melon and clean up is quick and easy. Step by step photos below.

I picked mine up for ~20 dollars from The Grommet. Link attached for your convenience. Be sure to pick one and tell me all about it.

IMG_4317 [18238]IMG_4319 [18396]IMG_4321 [18591]IMG_4324 [18812]