My Favorite Cheese Stuffed Burger

Before I start on my quest for the best Westchester burger, I think it’s only appropriate to share my favorite burger with our readers. My burger is a blend of three meats, and cheese stuffed and seasoned from within. I finish it with a melted cheese topping and sautéed onions and BBQ sauce. It may not take first prize in my quest for the best, as I hear the competition is fierce. If I can make it in my kitchen, you can recreate it in yours, and then you can be the judge.


Ingredients List

1 Part 90% Ground Beef

1 Part 80% Ground Veal

1 Part Ground Pork

Favorite cheese cubed

Second Favorite cheese sliced

Burger Bun of your choice

1 Large Onion

Favorite BBQ Sauce

6 Pack of your favorite cold beer (optional)

I like to start with three different types of meats. Start with equal parts 90 per cent beef, 80 percent veal, and ground pork. Start mixing using your hands; fold the meats until you feel like you have a nice blend. Separate the blend into portions that work for you. Once you determine your portions, split the portions into equal sizes. Take approximately 1/3 of the portion and flatten. Take the other 2/3 of the blended meat and flatten as well. Repeat the process with the rest of your portioned meat. Cut up some of your favorite cheese. I prefer a spicy chipotle Gouda. Place your cheese in the middle of your flattened 2/3portion. Salt and pepper your cheese. As the cheese melts it will flavor your burger from the inside out.

Place the meat in the palm of your hand and place the smaller flattened 1/3 portion on top. Round the meat and seal the cheese in the center. Flatten slightly. Salt and pepper your meat combo. I prefer a combination of black and red pepper and like pink salt, but any salt and pepper will do. I’ve added some illustrations below.

flat with cheeseBurger

Place your burgers aside. Chop your onion and place in a pan coated with non-stick spray. Sweat them and reduce the heat. Pour in your BBQ sauce and keep at a slow simmer. Your BBQ sauce will reduce and your unions will caramelize.

Grill or broil your burgers. I have my grill ready all year round and it’s my preferred method. Preheat your grill or oven, and drop on your burgers. You want a nice sear on the outside. The searing will lock in your flavors as well as the delicious melted pocket of cheese and seasoning you created. It’s my responsibility to tell you to cook your burgers to the recommended temperature. Keep in mind the different type of meats used. Place your sliced cheese on top of your burger 30 seconds before your burgers are done to get a nice melt. I like to use a Havarti as my sliced cheese option. I find the Havarti and chipotle Gouda are complementary, but I recommend mixing and matching to find your favorite combination.

WARNING: DO NOT OVER FLIP YOUR BURGERS. Those of you guilty of being over flippers know who you are. Sear for a few minutes, flip and let the burgers cook. Use this time to grab an option beverage, and relax. Pat them for doneness, use a thermometer, or time yourself if you have to, just don’t keep flipping. You can break your cheese pocket and all of your hard work will be wasted.

Toast your bun or roll if you prefer. I unfortunately was short on time, and refused to use 8-pack buns on this burger. As in my example, your favorite variety English muffin will do just fine. I also have an example of a bun-less mozzarella stuffed burger for those instances where I feel like skipping the carbs.


Place your burger on the bottom piece of the muffin(or simply plate if you go bun-1less). Spoon some of your sautéed BBQ caramelized onions on top. Drizzle some more BBQ to taste and top you burger.

Grab a cold one and enjoy.


bunlessburger with bun


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