One of my biggest draws to Westchester is its proximity to NYC, so why not give you a walkthrough of a great date night or Pre/Post Broadway experience. If you are a 2pm theater person make a 7pm reservation. You can appreciate the short walk from your show to Bryant Park, and you can easily enjoy your partner’s company and chat and people watch anywhere in the park. The park itself is quite charming, and if you sit facing the restaurant you will have a nice view of their outdoor area that is still covered. The twinkle lit branches look elegant at dusk and the outdoor area looks interesting with the trees inside that portion of the dining room. Tree tops poke out above the area. Don’t fret if you are too early, the bar, although pricey is very accommodating. If you are an 8pm theater person, make your reservations at 5:30. They will seat you promptly and you will have plenty of time to finish your meal and walk over to your show.

The main dining room builds upon the people watching of the park. Ask for a table toward the back of the restaurant near the windows if you haven’t had enough time to enjoy the park scenery. The earthy orange textures of the wall tiling and lighting help provide a luxurious and romantic setting and the red and purple chairs really pop and catch your attention.

Now onto the food. I want to preface and say that we ordered more than what I will describe below. Although everything we ordered was very good, I’m only diving into what I would consider my favorite.


Codfish with Squid Ink Risotto

Codfish with Squid Ink Risotto

The menu itself had many dishes that captured my interest and hopefully I will have an opportunity to go back and try them. The dish I felt was worth the price of admission was the Codfish with squid ink risotto. The codfish was cooked with a crispy skin on, and placed on and layer of squid ink risotto and sugar snap peas. I believe the fish was gently sautéed in a lemon butter mixture and cooked just enough to remain flakey and tender on the inside with a nice crisp to the outside. The fish could make the dish on its own, but the chef went one step further and gave me a wonderfully smooth and flavorful risotto. Lastly, the acidity of the lightly crushed tomato sauce and sweetness of the sugar snap peas round out the dish.

Make sure you visit Brant Park this summer. Enjoy the weather and all that a trip to NYC has to offer. If you are in the mood for an exceptional seafood dish, eat at the Grille.


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