Why the long lines? These desserts are amazing!

Since I touched on Bryant Park in my review of Bryant Park Grille, I thought it was only fair to mention one of my favorite dessert spots in NYC.

You know you have the right place when you walk up to the front door and see a line to the left, and one to the right of the establishment. Usually the line on the left is for takeout and the other for table service. Be sure to ask the usher at the door to clear up the lines before you start waiting on one.

If the weather is nice opt for takeout and have a seat at the park. The servers will pack your offerings to go in a nice box and will provide you with utensils and napkins.

Now for the desserts! I find it very difficult to walk into the boutique and pass on the traditional Mille Crepe. You will see variations and please try them all, but I simply can’t get enough of the original, thin and delicate cake. The alternating layers of crepes and pastry cream are light and delightful.

I was fortunate to be with a guest who insisted we split two desserts. A devout chocolate lover, she gravitated to the flourless chocolate cake. It was rich and decadent; it delivered that just sweet enough chocolate fix, for your craving. Pair it with a nice hot latte or reminisce on your childhood and reach out for a tall glass of milk.

The Flourless Chocolate Cake was the sinner, and Mille Crepe, the saint in this struggle. Take a tour of the Lady M website and check out the cakes for yourself. Lady M, we need this conflict in our back yard. Until then, we will just have to make the trip to NYC.

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