Can your favorite deli do this?


Mike's Deli Antipasto Platter... yes this is only the medium!

Mike’s Deli Antipasto Platter… This is the medium!

Order one of these platters from Mike’s Deli and pick up some fresh bread and you have a party to go. The platter is swelling with an assortment of salty and spicy cheeses, sausages and prosciutto. The platter is topped with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. It has something for everyone and best of all is prepared, plated, and packaged for you. Get to your destination, open, and let the feast begin.

Whether you are simply picking up fresh cold cuts, getting a sandwich for lunch, or getting one of these amazing cold antipasto platters, Mike’s Deli in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx is your spot. If the freshness and elaborate breadth of American and traditional Italian deli items aren’t enough, Mike and David Greco, and their entire staff draw you in with their personalities and charm.

I have been lucky enough to call Mike’s Deli my local deli for just about two decades while in my youth, and time spend at Fordham. When visiting this establishment that has been around since the 50’s, you definitely get a feel for the passion the Greco family has instilled in their business. If you are lucky enough to have David help you with your order be sure to ask him about his take on local sports or even pick his brain on the numerous appearances on that popular food channel we all love.

Take your time at the deli and take it all in and bring a friend to carry your bags. Frequent often and before you know it you’ll be made to feel like family.

I’ll go back and back often; maybe next time I’ll get behind the Greco counter and give you some more perspective. Until then, find them at the link below and in their spot in the Bronx.

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