So you are having a party on Sunday, you have your TV set for the big game, but you are not ready to attempt my pulled pork recipe. What to do?

 Visit our friends and sponsors page and try these two dishes and your party will have fiery and delicious treats.

 Let me introduce you to The Goodfellas pizza. This pizza packs a flavorful pepper punch in a crunchy crispy crust.  The broccoli rabe, sausage, cheese and mix of sweet and spicy peppers melt together to give you a perfect bite. The crust on all of Mezza Luna’s pizzas are just as delicious as your first bite. You will definitely enjoy this on game day.

Goodfellas Pizza

 Why stop the spice at pizza? Try an order or five orders of Mezza Luna’s buffalo chicken wings.  Crispy, spicy, and tender; everything you can ask for in wings. Mezza Luna serves these in hearty portions with blue and celery.

 Order these or any of their appetizers and make your party one to remember. Mezza Luna has regular orders as well as catering trays of chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, meatball sliders, fried zucchini and more…

 Check out their website below and put in your orders….

Order yourself a Goodfellas Pizza today!


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