Hello Westchester Food Finders! Most of the spots we have been sharing have been great dinner spots. To change things up a bit we want to share one of our favorite lunch spots; Emma’s Ale house in White Plains.

Emma’s has a complete upscale pub menu great for lunch and equally robust for dinner. A nice well equipped bar and great selection of beers to on tap, make it a great spot to meet up with friends or neat casual place to have dinner with someone special without all the noise and congestion of a lousy bar. In short, Emma’s is a restaurant with a nice bar more than a bar with good food. Now let’s get into lunch.

Emma’s starts you off with their own, complimentary, hot pub pretzels and spicy mustard. If you are debating on getting a beer with your lunch, the first bite of pretzel will shift you towards picking off their great beer selection. Being lunch, we only though it fair to order one lighter lunch dish and one with a little more substance that way we could give a  we’ll balanced view of lunch.

I was lucky enough to win a hard fought game of rock, paper, scissors, so I ordered Emma’s stuffed potato skin burger. It was a special of the day and it was indeed very special. The burger was cooked to a requested medium rare and stacked with potatoes, bacon, chive, Emma’s sour cream based secret sauce, and melted cheddar cheese. That alone is a watering mouthful, but then wrap it all up in a hot pretzel bun and you learn to appreciate a whole new meaning to winning a hand of rock, paper, scissors.

Now onto the lighter fair. My guest ordered Emma’s Caesar’s salad with grilled chicken. The salad was well seasoned and dressed. The in house made croutons and shaved cheese were plentiful and added depth and texture to the salad. There was no clear star of the dish, and we mean this as a compliment. Every ingredient married together well with the next. The grilled chicken wasn’t an after thought, but rather a true component of the salad. You can tell with your first bite that time and care was placed in marinating and tenderized the chicken. It wasn’t sitting in a hot bath waiting to just be added to a number of dishes, as is the case with other restaurants. You can see and taste the seasoning on the chicken just as you can taste the dressing that coats every piece of lettuce. That makes this dish just as complete as the last. Don’t take my word on it, go to Emma’s and enjoy one of our special spots for lunch!

Emma’s Salad



Hello Westchester Food Finders,

One of our avid readers asked for a simple recipe on a college budget. Justin, not only does this work for you and your budget, it would make a great addition to your big game menu next weekend.

Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Pulled Pork Sandwich


Let’s start out with a large pork loin or roast. Go to a big box store if you have a membership, otherwise your local supermarket will due. I was able to get my pork for an economical 1.99 a lb. Keeping to the college mentality of fewest ingredients and low cost,  I recommend getting a McCormick’s Brown Sugar Bourbon mix. It’s a pre-blended mix of seasoning and works very well with this recipe. You can also easily use it for grilling chicken and other meats, so you will put any extra seasoning to use.

Great food and great for your budget!


Place your pork in an aluminum baking tray. Aluminum trays eliminate the clean up and the non-existent storage space of a small apartment. The tray should be recycled when you are done cooking.

Coat your pork in seasoning and add a can of beer to the tray. Cover your pork with aluminum foil and bake at 300 degrees until your pork is cooked to 190 degrees. A large pork roast will take a few hours to cook through, so make sure you plan ahead and plan on some study time.

Allow the pork to cool slightly once cooked. You will want to shred your pork with two forks. When cooked properly the pork should pull apart pretty easily and shredding in your aluminum pan will keep any potential messes away from the counter as well as your pulled pork moist and delicious.

Add your favorite sauce and toss your pulled pork. You may enjoy as is or build sandwiches and sliders. If you are planning on serving for a party as I am, you can even try having multiple variations. I plan on Buffalo, BBQ, and Sesame Ginger Teriyaki! We’d love to hear how your pulled pork turned out.

Please comment or reach out via email .



Hello again Westchester Food Finders!

I just wanted to let you all know about the carnival taking place this weekend (Oct 7th through Oct 10) at Lake Isle Country Club in Eastchester.

It will be a good time for the whole family. Live music, dancing, rides, wine, beer, food, snacks, fireworks and a parade as well. Please check out the link below for Carnival hours, vendors, and a list of special events.







Westchester Food Finders,

I wanted to let you know about a great event taking place 15 minutes away, on Saturday October 29th at 7pm.

The Bronx Zoo will be hosting its first-ever Bronx Zoo Brew. They will be having over 40 beer vendors and 100 varieties of beers to sample. The Zoo will host Food trucks, live music, DJ’s, A Glow in the Dark Party, Costume Contest, and some of our favorite animals.

Cost starts at 29.99 for designated drivers and works its way up depending on the package of your choice. 44.99 gets you into the tasting and 74.99 gets you VIP access!

More information below…




The Craftsman Ale House – Harrison

Best of Westchester, make your own burger!

Best of Westchester, make your own burger!

My quest for Westchester’s best burger continues. Next on my stop is the Craftsman Ale House in Harrison.

The Craftsman’s location makes it a great pre-train ride stop for a meeting in the city or simply a great spot to meet up with friends. It is casual attire. The staff is super friendly and will gladly provide you with a sample of one of their tap beverages that range from the local to the limited production / hard to source variety. With an excellent selection of beer to accompany any variation of “make your own burger”, a food finder such as myself can easily forget his quest. Simply said, if you enjoy craft beer, this is your Mecca!

It hurts me to write this, but enough beer, onto the burger. The Craftsman has a selection of “house” burgers that sound amazing. I chose the create your own option, simply because I am a fan of customization.

I opted for a beef burger, medium rare, with pepper jack cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and onion rings. With all of those flavors, I opted to skip the sauces. Those Westchester food finders more daring than I, will surely take this burger to even higher levels.

This burger is delicious. The beef had an excellent grilled outer layer, and was cooked perfectly to order on the inside. It was juicy, and the crispy and sweet onions and bacon were a wonderful sweet and savory contrast. Add a little heat from the pepper jack cheese, and the flavors are hitting on all cylinders.

Whether you are going for the beer or the burgers, you are a winner here. If you go for both, hats off to you!

Enjoy and tell them that Westchester Food Finds sent you!


1st Stop on the Quest for Westchester's Best Burger!

The Quest for Westchester’s Best Burger!


My first stop on the quest for Westchester’s best burger brings me to Tuckahoe. The Tap House is host to modern American fare, ranging from delicious burgers, sandwiches, salads, and tasty upscale pub snacks, to seared scallops and black-angus steaks. Whether you are grabbing a table with friends coming up from NYC for a sit down meal, or simply grabbing a drink with a few friends, the restaurant’s setting is very accommodating. The Tap House has a wonderful selection of tables, booths, and great seats on a fantastic bar.

We’ll revisit The Tap House and get into their large selection of seasonal, domestic, imported, and craft beer choices and seared scallops and steak some other time. Today is all about burgers, and The Tap House delivers a burger worth going back for time and time again.

They begin with a high quality beef and the chefs char-grill your burger to your desired temperature. The charring gives the burger a firm crisp texture while locking in all the natural flavors and juices of the meat. Take your pick of cheese topping and decide whether you want to add the crispy fried onions on top or keep some on the side for snacking on in between bites of burger.

I personally build mine with the lettuce tomato and fried onions and pass on the ketchup and red onion. A burger this perfectly cooked and seasoned needs no condiments.

I will preface my next comment by saying that The Tap House’s burger on its own is one of Westchester’s best, but the addition of their everything French fries takes the meal over the top. The fries are sprinkled with a blend of poppy, sesame, salt, pepper and other “everything” ingredients that give you that burst of flavor that convinces you to stay a while longer and have another beer.

Make trips to The Tap House often, for burgers, beer and anything else that peaks your interest.