Hello Food Finders!

I want to tell you briefly about one of my favorite Westchester spots. Fig & Olive released a Pink menu to support The National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are offering  “Pink” Thursday drink specials and tasty bites from 7pm-10pm with a portion of each sale being donated to their cause.

If Thursday nights are not your thing, Fig & Olive is also offering a special pre-fixe menu featuring soup, choice of salad, an appropriate “pink” salmon, and something sweet to wrap it all up. During the month of October, their pre-fixe is $55 per person of which $10 is donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  No spoilers here, find out more by visiting them at

If their mouth watering menu options aren’t enough to entice you to drop in, visit often in October for their commitment to the cause.

I plan on visiting again this month with a pen and paper so that I can take notes on all their delicious offerings and report back….but don’t wait on me, go indulge yourselves!





The Craftsman Ale House – Harrison

Best of Westchester, make your own burger!

Best of Westchester, make your own burger!

My quest for Westchester’s best burger continues. Next on my stop is the Craftsman Ale House in Harrison.

The Craftsman’s location makes it a great pre-train ride stop for a meeting in the city or simply a great spot to meet up with friends. It is casual attire. The staff is super friendly and will gladly provide you with a sample of one of their tap beverages that range from the local to the limited production / hard to source variety. With an excellent selection of beer to accompany any variation of “make your own burger”, a food finder such as myself can easily forget his quest. Simply said, if you enjoy craft beer, this is your Mecca!

It hurts me to write this, but enough beer, onto the burger. The Craftsman has a selection of “house” burgers that sound amazing. I chose the create your own option, simply because I am a fan of customization.

I opted for a beef burger, medium rare, with pepper jack cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and onion rings. With all of those flavors, I opted to skip the sauces. Those Westchester food finders more daring than I, will surely take this burger to even higher levels.

This burger is delicious. The beef had an excellent grilled outer layer, and was cooked perfectly to order on the inside. It was juicy, and the crispy and sweet onions and bacon were a wonderful sweet and savory contrast. Add a little heat from the pepper jack cheese, and the flavors are hitting on all cylinders.

Whether you are going for the beer or the burgers, you are a winner here. If you go for both, hats off to you!

Enjoy and tell them that Westchester Food Finds sent you!