Welcome back Food Finders!

With the end of winter quickly upon us, I’d like to introduce you to a breakfast idea that will warm your home and get your family out of bed on a lazy weekend.

Breakfast Pizza!

My breakfast pizza takes bacon, egg, and cheese to new limits. Different tastes in the household are not a problem either. All you have to do is split your pie anyway you like.

Here what to do:

Take your pizza dough out of the fridge. If you make your own, remember that you will need to make your dough the night before and refrigerate. Store bought will be fine, I recommend Terranova pizza dough. See my post for more info.

Preheat your oven to 450 and roll out your dough. Place in a perforated pizza pan and start cooking. Your pizza at this point is just dough, and will look a little odd at first, but trust the process and place it in the oven and start cooking.

While the dough is in the oven, decide on what you want on your breakfast pizza. My morning crowd likes their bacon egg and cheese and also likes their veggies. My pie will be split in half, but make yours as you wish.

Scramble your eggs and season to taste. Remember to under salt especially if you plan on a cheesy pizza. Once your eggs are cooked, place them aside and start chopping your veggies. I used onions and peppers in my example.

At this point you will want to check on your dough. Since you don’t have any toppings you may start to see a big air bubble or multiple pockets of air. This should happen at about 8 minutes of cooking time, but keep an eye out as ovens and cooking times vary.

Air bubbles make topping a pizza challenging, and if you wait to long to get rid of them, they will get crispy and crack and give you a bowl like center of the pie. Since we don’t want that, grab a another pizza pan, or oven safe pan or bowl, or tray and place in on top of the dough to flatten. Leave your pan on top of the dough and cook for a few more minutes. You will want to take your dough out of the oven once it’s 75% cooked.

Now that your dough is almost ready. Cook your chopped onions and peppers in a pan and at low heat with just a little bit of olive oil so as to avoid sticking and render your bacon in another pan.

All that’s left is stacking your toppings. You can easily cook up some sausage, slice some avocado, go mushrooms or steak or both. Make your breakfast pizza. yours!

I start by adding a layer of eggs to my pie, then half gets the bacon treatment and half gets onions and peppers. I cover my toppings in mozzarella and then sprinkle some sharp cheddar on as well. It looks pretty, smells and tastes delicious, it’s satisfying and will warm your kitchen, home and belly!

Get cooking this week and tell me all about it!


Hello Westchester Food Finders!

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite, quick and easy meals. This one should take you under 20 minutes from start to finish and is a great combo of vegetables and pasta that will satisfy the most discerning tastes and will keep your kids coming back for more as well.

Linguini with Broccoli Rabe, Garlic, and Oil

The ingredients are few but flavorful.

Broccoli Rabe



Pecorino Romano Cheese

Olive Oil

Start by cutting and cleaning your broccoli rabe. You will want to cut off the bottom end of the stems as they are not really tender. Now if you have time, cut your stems individually, I tend to not have the time, so a good time saving rule is to cut the stems at the point where the packaging ends. Take look at the illustrations below.

Individual Cut

Quick and East Cut


Once cut, wash your vegetables.  Boil some water and drop in your broccoli rabe. You will want to boil for 3-4 minutes or until tender to the touch. Once tender, strain and place in a cool water bath. The cool water will stop the cooking process and will keep your vegetables green.

Pulling the veggies out of the boiling water allows you to reuse the water to boil your pasta and thus cut down your cooking time. Drop your pasta in the boiling water. While e the pasta is boiling, peel some garlic and slice. Fill a small pan with half a cup of olive oil on low heat and toast your garlic. The low heat will warm your oil and help infuse the flavor of the garlic without burning. Remember burnt garlic gets bitter.

Take your garlic off the heat as soon as it starts to get golden. It will get darker off the heat, so don’t overcook.

When your pasta is cooked you are less than a minute away from sitting down and enjoying your meal. Strain your pasta, toss in your broccoli rabe, and drizzle with the garlic and oil. Add some fresh pepper and cheese, and now you have a meal in minutes. You can cut some strips of grilled chicken for a lean protein, or feel free to grill some spicy sausage, cut on a bias and toss in as well for a bigger kick. If you can’t decide, try both.  I have and the dish is even more delicious!

Linguini with Broccoli Rabe, Garlic, & Oil



Hello Food Finders!

I want to introduce you to a simple and easy Portuguese inspired desert. Serradura means sawdust, which normally wouldn’t be found anywhere near desert, but when the ingredients for this sawdust is a package of Maria tea biscuits and pine nuts, you’ll be in for a treat.


My first experience with Serradura was at a family friend’s home. It was smooth airy and delicious. I asked to glance at the recipe, but was vehemently denied. I was told that to get the proper texture you had to follow specific measurements and steps. As delicious as the desert was, I was momentarily turned away.

After a few weeks of not being able to get the Serradura out of my mind, I thought why not try and recreate the desert in a way that takes away the difficulty.

I am relentless; so I decided that I was going to recreate this no-bake desert and simplify it for our readers. Less measuring, less precision and less technique equals more time to get to all the other things our Food Finders need to accomplish.


1 Pint of Heavy Cream

1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz can)

1 Package of Goya Maria tea cookies

1 Package of Vanilla flavored instant pudding

1 tbsp of vanilla extract

OPTIONAL: 5 tbsp of nuts placed in the freezer for 30 minutes: walnuts, cashews, or pine nuts work very well

I’ve made it as easy as possible so that you will be using ingredients in there entire packaging quantities. These ingredients will make approximately 8-10 servings. If you are like me, you are better off with the extra desert that a half a can of condensed milk in your refrigerator for weeks!

In a mixing bowl or stand mixer, whisk the heavy cream and vanilla extract to aerate  your desert. Next add your sweetened condensed milk and continue whisking until your mixture is consistent. You don’t want the bottom to be thinker than the top of your bowl, that simply means that the cream and sweet milk have not come together yet.

Once you have consistency, add in your instant pudding mix and whisk some more. When you have pudding in your bowl, you can put away the whisk. Depending on how fancy you want your Serradura to look, you may keep the pudding in your bowl and simply ladle it into your serving vessel, otherwise you may use a piping bag and pipe it into your glass or bowl.

Now to the saw dust. Place your cookies in a food processor or blender and add chilled nuts if you wish. Blend until you have a cookie sawdust. You may be thinking to yourself, why did I used chilled nuts. The answer is simple, blending the nuts breaks them down and releases oils in the nuts, the light heat produced from the blending process and oils can create sawdust clumps. Using the chilled nuts gives you smaller crumble and will be easier to layer in your Serradura.

Pipe or ladle your pudding and “sawdust” in alternating fashion. I use a zip top bag and cut a small hole in on of the ends and pipe my pudding in that way.


The finished product tastes delicious and looks luxurious. When your are asked for the recipe, please send them our way and have them visit





Westchester, with the cold weather around for a few more months how about trying a healthy, hearty, and nutritious vegetable soup that will warm you right up! It’ll snap you from your sweet Valentine’s Day hangover and put that leftover Champagne or white wine to good use!

Save some time and start by chopping your onions; You can chop your other vegetables while the onions are sweating!

Start buy chopping  1 cup each of Yukon gold potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, onions, and celery. If you have it available I recommend substituting a half a cup of fennel for half a cup of celery to add more depth in flavor.

Place the onions in the largest soup pot you own on low heat with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Sweat the onions until they are translucent. Next drop in all of your vegetables.

Onions breaking a sweat!

Here is where I like to use my leftover prosecco or white wine. Take your leftover 750 bottle and fill the empty part with water. You will want to use 3 750ml bottles worth of liquid in total. I like dropping in the veggies first so that you don’t get any splash on your stove that you would usually get if you dropped the veggies into a pot of water.

Bring the liquid to a boil and then keep at a simmer for an hour. The low and slow cooking will create a flavorful broth. Your veggies should have softened at this point.

Test a potato, if the potato is cooked to taste the. You are almost there. At this point you want to add a can of cannelloni beans, a package of frozen chopped spinach, a tablespoon of roasted minced garlic, a tablespoon of parsley and a tablespoon of basil. Salt and pepper to taste. I like to salt at the end because if you salt early, some of your broth will evaporate and you can end up with a salty soup. Bring the soup to a boil once you have added the last of the ingredients.


Healthy, Hearty, Vegetable Soup

Ladle and enjoy.