1st Stop on the Quest for Westchester's Best Burger!

The Quest for Westchester’s Best Burger!


My first stop on the quest for Westchester’s best burger brings me to Tuckahoe. The Tap House is host to modern American fare, ranging from delicious burgers, sandwiches, salads, and tasty upscale pub snacks, to seared scallops and black-angus steaks. Whether you are grabbing a table with friends coming up from NYC for a sit down meal, or simply grabbing a drink with a few friends, the restaurant’s setting is very accommodating. The Tap House has a wonderful selection of tables, booths, and great seats on a fantastic bar.

We’ll revisit The Tap House and get into their large selection of seasonal, domestic, imported, and craft beer choices and seared scallops and steak some other time. Today is all about burgers, and The Tap House delivers a burger worth going back for time and time again.

They begin with a high quality beef and the chefs char-grill your burger to your desired temperature. The charring gives the burger a firm crisp texture while locking in all the natural flavors and juices of the meat. Take your pick of cheese topping and decide whether you want to add the crispy fried onions on top or keep some on the side for snacking on in between bites of burger.

I personally build mine with the lettuce tomato and fried onions and pass on the ketchup and red onion. A burger this perfectly cooked and seasoned needs no condiments.

I will preface my next comment by saying that The Tap House’s burger on its own is one of Westchester’s best, but the addition of their everything French fries takes the meal over the top. The fries are sprinkled with a blend of poppy, sesame, salt, pepper and other “everything” ingredients that give you that burst of flavor that convinces you to stay a while longer and have another beer.

Make trips to The Tap House often, for burgers, beer and anything else that peaks your interest.