Hello Food Finders!

I want to tell you briefly about one of my favorite Westchester spots. Fig & Olive released a Pink menu to support The National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are offering  “Pink” Thursday drink specials and tasty bites from 7pm-10pm with a portion of each sale being donated to their cause.

If Thursday nights are not your thing, Fig & Olive is also offering a special pre-fixe menu featuring soup, choice of salad, an appropriate “pink” salmon, and something sweet to wrap it all up. During the month of October, their pre-fixe is $55 per person of which $10 is donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  No spoilers here, find out more by visiting them at

If their mouth watering menu options aren’t enough to entice you to drop in, visit often in October for their commitment to the cause.

I plan on visiting again this month with a pen and paper so that I can take notes on all their delicious offerings and report back….but don’t wait on me, go indulge yourselves!





Summer spot with a view.

If you are trying to make the most of your summer make reservations for this beautiful locale. Nestled by the water in Irvington, Red Hat offers great waterfront views and dishes that will inspire you to sit and stay for a while. Great for a date night or meeting up with friends.

I recommend making reservations well in advance, especially if you are planning on visiting from 6:30 to 8:30 on a weekend. No reservations, is not necessarily a problem. Embrace the wait and take an adult beverage from the bar to the outdoor patio area and enjoy the breeze and whispers of the water spraying the rocks.

When you are able to pry yourself away from the patio, you will enjoy the trendy dining area and bountiful menu. If by land or by sea, you will be enticed to try many of the chef’s selections. We visited with another couple on a Friday night and after some time on the patio, I believe the waves motivated us to all order seafood. Here’s what we had, and as you can see all of the dishes ordered made the review, which says something about the quality of the food.

Red Hat Scallops

Red Hat Scallops

First the sea scallops. The scallops were the dish of choice for two of us. Scallops cook quickly, but cooking them just enough to get a crispy outer crunch and getting them to keep the soft non-chewy delicate center is easier said than done. Our chefs accomplished both, and infused a lemon and mild spice seasoning that was just as delicious and consistent on our first bite all the way through to the last. The mushrooms at the center of the dish complemented the scallops in both taste and texture.

Red Hat Mussels 1

Red Hat Mussels

The mussels were cooked in a velvety white wine, butter, and lemon sauce. They were excellent on their own, but irresistible when eaten with a sauce-drenched piece of bread. The herbs were both aromatic and flavorful. Be warned that if you drink white wine, you may drink more than what you are used to with this dish!

Red Hat Salmon

Red Hat Salmon

Our salmon was cooked to order and had a crispy skin and an almost drawn on looking char on top. The mustard herb vinaigrette worked well with the fresh fish and was tart enough to hold its own with the radishes and potatoes.

We passed on dessert only because our bellies were full with food, wine, and drinks. The selections are reason to go back simply for something sweet and another chance to sit by the patio. See you there!