I have the pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite things.

Benton’s bacon is not just delicious bacon, it’s much, much more!

Benton’s uses the highest quality livestock, and their curing and smoking process adds layers of flavor to your bacon. The bacon cooks up lean and renders nicely. It doesn’t curl and shrivel, and the thick cut rivals anything’s you would find at your local premium steak house.

The smoke on this bacon definitely separates it from the others. Add a little to your favorite dish and you can easily taste the hours and patience Benton’s put into their smoking and curing process..

Cook it up at a tailgate, and I promise that you’ll have lots of new friends. Get creative and add it to your sauces for depth and flavor.

My favorite is just having it on its own.

Thankfully you can have this delicious Tennessee delicacy to your door in a day or two and on your plate as fast as you can cook it. This makes a great gift, so get some today at !


Hello Westchester Food Finders,

One of our avid readers asked for a simple recipe on a college budget. Justin, not only does this work for you and your budget, it would make a great addition to your big game menu next weekend.

Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Pulled Pork Sandwich


Let’s start out with a large pork loin or roast. Go to a big box store if you have a membership, otherwise your local supermarket will due. I was able to get my pork for an economical 1.99 a lb. Keeping to the college mentality of fewest ingredients and low cost,  I recommend getting a McCormick’s Brown Sugar Bourbon mix. It’s a pre-blended mix of seasoning and works very well with this recipe. You can also easily use it for grilling chicken and other meats, so you will put any extra seasoning to use.

Great food and great for your budget!


Place your pork in an aluminum baking tray. Aluminum trays eliminate the clean up and the non-existent storage space of a small apartment. The tray should be recycled when you are done cooking.

Coat your pork in seasoning and add a can of beer to the tray. Cover your pork with aluminum foil and bake at 300 degrees until your pork is cooked to 190 degrees. A large pork roast will take a few hours to cook through, so make sure you plan ahead and plan on some study time.

Allow the pork to cool slightly once cooked. You will want to shred your pork with two forks. When cooked properly the pork should pull apart pretty easily and shredding in your aluminum pan will keep any potential messes away from the counter as well as your pulled pork moist and delicious.

Add your favorite sauce and toss your pulled pork. You may enjoy as is or build sandwiches and sliders. If you are planning on serving for a party as I am, you can even try having multiple variations. I plan on Buffalo, BBQ, and Sesame Ginger Teriyaki! We’d love to hear how your pulled pork turned out.

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