One of our first favorite things is a meat grinder/chopper/mixer. You may be wondering why this nifty kitchen gadget doesn’t have a clear cut name, and it’s pretty simple really. It grinds well, it easily chops ground beefs and poultry, and it can also be used to mix in your favorite seasonings and dressings.

Meat Grinder pic 1

Pampered Chef product pictured.

So how much is it and why do you need one? It’s a $12 dollar kitchen gadget. If you a fan of Tacos, Chili, or Sausage toppings for pizza, it’s a must have. I’ve seen corporate pictures of people using it to mash fruits and vegetables as well, but the truth in those uses is that you may have to blanch or boil first, and once you’ve gone through that process, a simple fork can do the trick. No matter what you use it to grind , chop, mix or mash, is a simple dish washer visit away from being sanitized and cleaned.

There are two products in the market that I would recommend. I own one manufactured by the Pampered Chef,but also have used one by OXO.

What lead me to purchase the Pampered chef product is that it gives you more ridges. The more ridges, the less you have to use the gadget to begin with. It reduces your active cook time on Taco Tuesdays and allows you to put food in front of you family faster. Also the more ridges you have the finer your browned chili meat and taco meat can get. So in short the pampered chef product works better for ground meats.

Meat Grinder p2

Pampered Chef product breaking down spicy chicken sausage for a pizza topping.

An argument for the OXO product picks up where the Pampered product leaves off. The ridges that help get your taco meat to a perfect texture is also a small detriment to the product once you shift medium. The wider ridges of the OXO product make it easier to use when breaking down sausage out of its casing and browning for you delicious meat lovers pizza. The OXO product may be more versatile if you like to grind your own meats or prefer a coarser grind on your chili. I like the handle on the OXO just a touch better as well. Lastly, if the convenience of going to a store seeing the product with your own eyes and buying it on the spot is your thing, you may have an easier time going to a store and bumping into OXO product. For those internet savvy shoppers, I’ve included a couple of links below where you can find the products. Definitely compare some stores and check for promo codes or those blue 20% off coupons that you get in the mail. It’s not an overly expensive product, but you can save just enough to pick up the taco mix.

We would love to hear how our favorite things work for you. Please reach out and share your experiences by emailing us at Some links for your convenience below.

Pampered Chef ~12 bucks

For the online shopper

OXO ~ 12 bucks

Maybe you can use a coupon and pick one up in person.

For the online shopper

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