Watermelon Slicer and Server

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Summer is upon is and how better to get into the summer spirit than by slicing up some sweet and refreshing watermelon. I have a gadget that will make your slicing and serving quick and mess free.

Let me introduce you to I Genietti Angurello. “Anguria” means watermelon in Italian so this appropriately named stainless steel gadget cuts even watermelon slices and works like a tong as well so that you may serve right off the rind. All the messy juices stay in the melon and clean up is quick and easy. Step by step photos below.

I picked mine up for ~20 dollars from The Grommet. Link attached for your convenience. Be sure to pick one and tell me all about it.

IMG_4317 [18238]IMG_4319 [18396]IMG_4321 [18591]IMG_4324 [18812]


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